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Top 5 Family Cruises

Top 5 Family Cruises

Written by Carmen Sigman

The best cruises to take with your kids!

Setting sail with your family is an amazing way to spend quality time with the people you love.  You get to see exotic locations, and create memories that will last for generations.  Here are some ideas for the five best family cruises to help you make a choice.

1. Disney Cruises

It will come as no surprise that Disney Cruise line is the first on the list for family cruises.  Disney Cruise Lines does have a knack for catering to families.  Their level of customer satisfaction and over the top entertainment are very well known.  Keep in mind that a Disney family cruise is not necessarily geared only to small children.  Disney’s ships have designated areas for all ages of your travelling party to enjoy.  There are places for young children, areas for teens, and adult only areas to relax and unwind.  Their “something for everyone” family cruises are always a treat for the whole family.

2. Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean is a close second place on the list of family cruises.  They offer rock climbing, mini golf, and even ice skating, which elevates them above several other family cruises.  Additionally, Royal Caribbean has programs in place for the children that takes into account the varied interests of children at any age, and is equipped for more age appropriate entertainment and activities.

3. Carnival Cruises

Third on the list of family cruises is Carnival Cruise Lines and known for their ‘Fun Ships,’ Carnival is an excellent option for families.  They offer a wide variety of entertainment and diversions for family cruises, including many teen clubs and hangouts located along the main promenade, rather than tucked into a corner of the ship.  This makes your teens feel more a part of the cruise, and not exiled to the “kids table” like at the most recent holiday feast.

4. Princess Cruises

The forth on the family cruises list is Princess Cruise Lines.  Onboard you will find a mammoth children’s area (over 10,000 square feet!) with crafts, games, scavenger hunts and many other activities.  They also have a list of family oriented shore excursions to entertain everyone. 

5. Celebrity Cruises

Last on our top 5 list of family cruises is Celebrity Cruise Lines.  Although in the last position, Celebrity still gets high marks over the competition, as there are still many more choices.  Here is how they made it onto our family cruises list.  Celebrity Cruises knows that multi-generational cruises will need a wide variety of entertainment, and they deliver it.  Their family cruises offer something for young children, teens, parents and grandparents without missing a beat. 

Enjoy your family cruises, whether it is the first, or if you are a seasoned traveler.  Each family cruise is unique and memorable, and those memories will last a lifetime.

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Posted On Monday, October 07, 2013
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